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What I do

I used to make theatre. Produce, act, direct, pitch and plan. Until I stopped. 

I became painfully aware of the state of our world and where we are heading with the current course. 

I kept doing nothing while learning more of the large systematic change and the total shift of how we perceive the world that has to happen in order to our beautiful world and human species to continue its existence.


The more I learnt, the more I kept thinking how big a transformation has to happen within us individually and in our collective culture. I saw the power of art and theatre as part of that change.


And so this is what I do now. I'm part of Falay Transition Design collective supporting the systemic change in organisations and society with my creative practices. I also work through Ekata Theatre together with Saaramaria Kuittinen, writer and creative practitioner.

We create methods and practices to grow inner resilience, future skills and connection with other humans, as well as learning new ways of thinking in a more systemic way using creativity and arts.

Disclaimer: As the future and the present moment are not static, neither am I. I also don't claim to hold any answers or solutions to anything and may change my thinking, methods and offerings due to constantly learning more and more.

Learn to be with and hold uncertainty with me. <3



In this playful Complexity workshop we look at how we can learn to hold complexities better using embodied practices. We also get a felt sense experience of how living systems work and change without controlling. In the times where we are, we need to cultivate this new skill of being with complexities without running towards narrow and insufficient solutions. But this may be difficult. The workshop offers also ways to better deal with uncertainties and to breathe amidst chaos.


Connection workshop focuses on finding mindful presence, sensing the group and yourself within it and connecting with each other on an authentic and deeper level. Methods used vary from ensemble theatre and improvisation such as mindful breathing exercises and system sensing. Getting a sense of belonging and being heard and seen are important for overall wellbeing. 

This workshop works well either as a recreational activity or for training purposes. 


Press play workshop introduces the importance of play in wellbeing, innovation and team building. In this workshop we create the optimal conditions for play and learn what inhibits playfulness. We learn the concept of serious playfulness and how to accept mistakes to enable us to create something new. Most importantly this workshop makes sure you have fun and a laugh with your teammates! 

More information and prices:


050 331 4045

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