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I am more.

I believe we are all more than one thing.

I am a mom, theatre maker, choreographer, producer, writer, linguist, babywearer, footballer, dancer and so much more.

I have three principles that drive my work:

I go all the way.

When I start something, I finish it with dignity. I give my all. I'm good at organising my time and making sure my work gets all the time and effort it needs.

I respect you.

My audience, customer, colleague, whoever you may be, I respect you. As I define it to my toddler, it means that I don't want to cause you harm but only good.

I work with my gut.

I won't be a robot, but a human with feelings and great instincts which I use in all my work. Whether it be a logo for your company or a theatre piece, it won't be artificially manufactured but created with passion. 

My philosophy is that we are all more than one thing. I am proud to be a multi-talented creator and believe that my diverse interests enriches all my work. There is no need to find one label or title that would contain all you are. You don't need to find one thing. You are more. 

As I watch my son draw, dance or admire a puddle, I'm constantly reminded that we can also be more than our work. Let's get inspired by art, melting snow or the person next to us.

Excitingly, I have now also realised, I'm not complete. I always find new interests, learn new skills, create more things and see new places. I will probably develop to be  something even more.

In short. I am more. 



Graphic Designer / Helsinki Design School


MA Theatre Director / East 15 Acting School


Master of Arts in Linguistics / Oulu University



Equity Student Bursary Award

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Visit the website of my theatre company Ekata Theatre.

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