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Human. Breathing. Creating.

I am a mom, theatre maker, choreographer, producer, writer, linguist, babywearer, footballer, dancer, but in short I am a human. Breathing. Creating.

I am currently focusing both my personal life as a mom and work life as an artist and producer to stay in the present and breathe. 

We are facing life-threatening crisis and have an epidemic of disconnection. We all feel tired, isolated and burdened. Mental health issues keep rising. AI is knocking on the door. Our Mother Earth is suffering.

All this has driven me to search for the deeper purpose and meaning to life. My quest has taken me to the roots of different religions and philosophies and to the middle of a forest, in order to find harmony within myself, with the nature and with other humans.

My greatest finding so far has been a thing that has been present in all my theatre pieces from the day one, breath. Together with mindfulness practices, nature and physical theatre exercises I try to keep myself strongly on the ground yet flexible to move when needed.


And as much as we need to take care of ourselves and our minds, it is equally important to keep in mind the fellow humans and the sufferings of others. So let's breath in for ourselves and breathe out for others.

I work for Ekata Theatre as the co-leader together with Saaramaria Kuittinen to build future resilience through physical theatre and art. 



Graphic Designer / Helsinki Design School


MA Theatre Director / East 15 Acting School


Master of Arts in Linguistics / Oulu University

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Visit the website of my theatre company Ekata Theatre.

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