I very appreciated all your comments and feedback on our work as a theatre director. I enjoyed working with you and I feel more confident with performing techniques.

— Paulina


I teach acting, drama and physical theatre internationally. My clients have varied from professional actors looking to deepen their knowledge to anyone wanting tools for public speaking. 

As a qualified pedagogue (MA, Oulu University, Finland) and a professional director (MA, East 15, London) I'm equipped to help you find your voice as a performer. Don't hesitate to contact me for workshops or coaching sessions!


Auditions can be a life changing and scary event. I want to offer coaching with your monologues, duologues or general performance.


I have experience of auditions both as an actor and a director. I’ve been the selected and the selector and therefore I can give tips and guidance with the audition situation. I’m also a professional director and can give you direction to your audition monologues or other tasks you have to prepare.


You can book coaching as a private, couples or group session. Contact me and face the challenge prepared!


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