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What I do

I'm a theatre maker, director and performer. I have experience in directing improvised, devised and scripted theatre. As a theatre maker I'm always fascinated in using several languages in my work as well as the universal language of the body. 

Peto vai jumala / Best or god - solo show

My physical theatre show, Peto vai jumala (Beast or god) premiered in October 2022 in Helsinki. Created and performed by me, sound design by Xavier Velastín. The show will tour in 2023.

The show is now open for booking and touring. It's available in Finnish, English and Swedish. The technical requirements and more information about the show can be downloaded below. 

Contact me for more information and bookings: 



My work

My training consisted of physical theatre, Gecko style, Biomechanics (GITIS, Moscow) and I hold an MA in Theatre Directing from East 15 Acting School (London). 

My work is physical, visual, visceral, thought provoking and full of passion. 

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