I have experience in directing scripted, improvised and devised theatre. I work as a freelancer in Finland and UK. I'm also the Artistic Director of Ekata Theatre, a physical theatre company I founded to produce collaborative art without boarders.

I graduated from East 15 Acting School MA Theatre Directing programme 2017. My training consisted of four elements: Shakespeare, Adaptation, Meyerhold and Biomechanics (GITIS, Moscow) and Physical Theatre. 

Turvallisin ja onnellisin maa (2019) 

Finland has been ranked as the safest and happiest country in the world, yet there are thousands of people who don't find it safe nor happy.

Turvallisin ja onnellisin maa is a physical theatre piece about the undocumented people in Finland. Produced by Valtimonteatteri.

Opening 25.3. Tickets available now! 

Unbelonger (2017 & 2018) 

Unbelonger was first staged as a work-in-progress version at the Applecart Arts at Voila! Europe Festival 2017. Being invited back, this year it shows at The Cockpit 9-10 & 12 November.

When you feel you belong no where. When no space is your space.

When the rules of how to belong were written by someone else.

A riveting physical theatre piece, Unbelonger, explores the void between identities through object manipulation, inventive physical language and a touch of humor.

"Erika Eva directs a dynamic production, constantly pushing the action forward."


Photo credit: Erika Eva

Tämä tavallinen tarina (2018) 

"inspired direction by Erika Eva -- whose transformations and prop-play brought to mind the work of Complicite and Isango Ensemble." 


Yksi olohuone, kaksi näyttelijää ja kahdeksan tarinaa.

Coming back in November 2018 at Teatteri Avoimet Ovet after a successful opening in May. 

Saaramaria Kuittinen's play presents eight monologues inspired by Elina Salminen's poems. 

My direction brings all these eight characters into one living room. The monologues weave together with Salminen's poems creating the idea that all the women are just as same as they are different. This is supported by the fact that all the stories are told by two actors only.

Photo credit: Maria Mihhailova

On Mother's Day (2018) 

On Mother's Day is the story of Ramón, an endearing and friendly death row inmate, who spends his life running from violence only to find it within himself. The script by Saaramaria Kuittinen is based on seven years of conversations with convicts on death row with humanitarian non-profit organisation Human Writes.

In this piece I use engaging visual storytelling, acrobatics, and ensemble work to present a hard-hitting critique of the dehumanisation of the victims in the capital punishment system. 

Photo credit: Tongchai Hansen

"The decision to use three actors simultaneously in the role of Tobechi utilises some well-staged choreographed movement"


On monday last week (2018) 


"On Monday Last Week is a great watch!"
-Theatre Fullstop

Adapted from a short story by award-winning author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Saaramaria Kuittinen's On Monday Last Week ran at the Etcetera Theatre in January/February 2018. This important new stage adaptation about immigration, culture and self-discovery, brought to life by director Erika Eva and producer Josephine Samson, examines the often-neglected female angle to the immigrant story.

Photo credit: Deepak Dominic

surveillance (2017) 

Surveillance (2017), a new comedy play by a Singaporean playwright Stanley Seah. It premiered at Etcetera Theatre in London. Surveillance is about the insecurity of today's world with the increasing surveillance and with technology threatening to take our jobs.

Photo credit: Petrina Dawn Tan


Elävät kuvat is an improvised format by Uniikki Unikornit -improv group. I directed this piece where three storylines run parrallel inspired all by one audience suggestion. Elävät kuvat was shown at Valve, in Oulu 2014.

Photo credit: Netta Brandt

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